Julia Alford-Fowler is a composer, ethnomusicologist, educator, and accordion noodler.  Her music combines strains of texture and serialism with melody and most recently klezmer music. It stems from spurts of improvisation that is often mixed with a series of numbers (each representing a given pitch, sometimes using 12, sometimes less, never more) that are rearranged over and over again.  She received her education at many fine institutions, the most recent being Temple University in Philadelphia, where she completed her Doctor of Musical Arts degree under the mentorship of Matthew Greenbaum in the spring of 2013.  Her music has been performed in many exotic locales including Philadelphia, New York, Kansas City and Aspen.  After a semi-hiatus to participate in the Occupy Movement, she has recently completed writing her Doctoral Monograph, Chasing Yiddishkayt: A Klezmer Concerto – Music for Accordion, Klezmorim Concertino, Strings and Percussion.  This work has produced her current research interests in exploring the possibilities of explaining klezmer music in analytical terms that are reflective of the historical and geographical context of a given tune.  Dr. Alford-Fowler is currently an adjunct professor at Temple University and Delaware County Community College.  In her spare time she plays accordion with her husband in his long standing exotica/punk/instro rock band, Mercury Radio Theater and rides around town on her lovely blue Honda Shadow VLX – which is affectionately nicknamed, Elektra.

To read more about her process and influences, check out her recent interview on the Italian New Music Blog, Nomos Alpha.

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